Illness is part of Over 71% of Dar residents’ life

July 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Confirming the findings of the previous two Listening to Dar health reports, the study has revealed that for many citizens of Dar es Salaam, illness is very much part of everyday life. In the current survey recently released by Listening Dar, 71.3% of respondents report a case of illness in their household during the four weeks prior to the interview.

This and other findings concerning state of health services in public facilities you can find in the report below. Lack of medicines and preferential groups not receiving medical services as provided for by the Health policy are common occurrences in Dar es es salaam health facilities. If this is happening in the commercial and de-facto capital city of Tanzania, what about health facilities far beyond Dar es salaam. As citizens what shall we do about this?

Has the government failed or citizens have failed. Who is to hold the other accountable? Should it be the tax payer or the Tax collector? Reader you have all the answers.


Listening Dar-state of health in dar

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