The greatest stimulus of mankind is freedom

April 7, 2017 § 1 Comment

There is an appetite for anybody who ascends to power to prevent, limit or constrict citizen’s freedom (of course at differing intensity depending on his/her degree of appetite to control those who surround him/her). That tends to happen to anyone. Unless one is prepared and groomed prior to taking the helm of leadership to commit, respect and believe in values of freedom. Short of that there is an insatiable desire to make their (leaders) freedom limitless, and if not governed by a strong Constitutional and legal system citizens can suffer. Development without freedom is not sustainable as also there in insatiable desire for humanity to be free. The more the leaders constrict freedom the more the people would resist maintaining it or if worse seizing it and this very struggle between the two might seriously impede development.

You can’t make a choice between development and freedom. Freedom comes first, colonialism could offer development but freedom offers a quality development the reason why nobody wants colonialism back and people are ready even to pay an ultimate price for freedom. We can’t ask ourselves to dispense with our freedom for development, that isn’t development it is slavery of some kind and I would rather be free to hassle and seek survival and meaning of my life. Democracy is freedom of choice and that is an inalienable right of humanity. Development can and will never be an alternative to freedom, it is inconceivable. My mind can’t take it!  It is inconceivable.

Why should we feel uncomfortable to be criticized? Why do we feel not respected when we are told of our mistakes? Why do we feel offended by someone simply expressing his/her divergent views from ours? We humans, ages and ages has proved we make mistakes, some are commissions and some are omissions. A too restrictive society lacks energy and innovation. In this era of pluralism we need all of us to operate at our maximum intellect and freedom. People need to take some risks and in the process they can err. Freedom allows triangulation hence we can tame errors timely and guarantee our progress.

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