Whatever choices we make on 25th October we are Choosing a better Tanzania

August 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

Soon the political dusts will settle and we will cast our votes in a manner that suits our dream of the Tanzania we want. We have participated in multiparty elections since 1995, this is the 5th time now and we have enough experience to manage the process (for those in leadership) and bear the results in whichever direction they may come to us. At these moments it is sometimes difficult to reserve our party fanaticism and at times we are deceived to think those in support of the other parties are drastically wrong. I believe nobody is wrong and nobody is right but everybody has a choice, a choice that makes sense to her/him. Whichever choice we making we are choosing a better Tanzania. We need to accommodate our diversity of ideology, that makes our life interesting. It will be boring all of us (45 million people) to think the same way, make same choices and act same way. Having divergent views will finally settle us on the best, and in democracy the best is decided by majority and we will finally agree to disagree and move on.

This year’s election is believed to be the most closely contested one. I personally believe Tanzania will see political wrangles of the two major sides it has never witnessed before. If it will be truly so then these will be best moments of the history of this nation and those of us who are unto these times are greatly privileged. We longed for a long time to see two major political powers, we wished to have a strong opposition to constantly check those in power for the interest of us all. Perhaps these are the moments, perhaps we still have some few elections to come see a formidable opposition, it is really ecstatic to imagine! “Yetu macho na masikio”. In any case let us hold our peace, keep this country together despite our differences in views and choices. After election let us move on with the agenda which transcends beyond any party ideology and that is Change Tanzania​.

Mungu Ibariki Tanzania, Mungi Ibariki Afrika.


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