Xenophobic attacks in South Africa are horrible and intolerable in Independent Africa

April 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

As a citizen of Africa equally concerned like the rest us cherishing the highest standards of Human Rights, I condemn with the possible strongest terms the xenophobic violence currently perpetrated by some South Africans to fellow human beings. They have courage and zeal to demolish a white man statue who is already dead, but can’t dare to slap a living white man, yet they feel energized to burn and kill fellow African and Asian immigrants. What a shame for these perpetrators, they perhaps don’t know their identity, they are ignorant of history. They even don’t know that they are where they are now because of the sacrifice the rest of us made.

This is the manifestation of hatred and jealousy to those who are successful. Foreigners went there to seek survival. Some are even more qualified and competent than most of the South Africans but they did not choose a work to do provided it gave them something to survive. They have fought hard, seeking for survival made them, without their express knowledge, obey some laws of success. Indigenous as in all places are complacent, they choose what to do, and they are largely guaranteed of survival even with very minimal effort. As a result they lag behind, they suffer success malnutrition, they don’t grow and as it is common with many of us they start looking for a reason from without. The easy excuse is to blame others, to make them the reason of their failure. We are at some point all told sky is the limit and that opportunities are many out there and are enough for everybody.

Jews are perhaps the only people who have mostly lived like sojourners since when God declared them as a nation. I have my reservations to their policies in the Middle East but I have learnt a great deal in their secret of success in business, education and agriculture. The greatest being that the hard way for them has opened myriads of opportunities the rest of us don’t see. Why? Because many of us naturally avoid the hard way so the opportunities beyond the hard way are seen by few who either dare to dare or have no choice but that only hard way.

South Africa like many other African countries have unparalleled opportunities and challenges as well let’s all work together to unearth opportunities and overcome the challenges for us today and our future generations. We are the reasons of success or failure not them.


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