Zitto and Chadema leadership failed to capitalize on the dividends of the law of concentration in politics

March 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

Not sure whether what I’ve read on social networks is true, that Zitto Kabwe’s case against his party (Chadema) has been quashed by the high court I read this from (http://www.mwananchi.co.tz/habari/Kitaifa/-/1597296/2648340/-/s4qsn7z/-/index.html) this afternoon. Mwananchi is a credible media house, let us give it the benefit of doubt. This will cast a controversial landscape in our politics and a transient of events at this critical time, especially complicated by the fact that after successful delivery on #TegetaEscrow scandle I was expecting Zitto and Chadema to quickly iron out their differences.
Many of us have different views on this matter perhaps we wait and see what this will lead up to. I have a strong conviction that leaders can sometime subdue their interests for the sake of national interest. To me I think both Zitto on one side and Chadema on the other have failed us. What would be of utmost importance for the alternative political force in Tanzania was to ensure they steer up the second liberation of our country, whatever follows thereafter is trivial and can be suppressed for this grand purpose. Take an example of South Africa, I know there were other heroes more than Mandela who relatively paid the same price as him. Yet these guys (the leaders of anti-apartheid movement) were focussed. They all decided to unite and agreed to symbolize their resistance through Madiba. Madiba became the epicenter of change where all all energies were concentrated upon. It doesn’t mean that there were no other political prisoners in South Africa, there were many but people like Oliver Tambo and the rest realized the importance of THE LAW OF CONCENTRATION and fully capitalized on it. It finally paid its dividend. Opposition leaders in Tanzania need to understand this law too and use it to the advantage of the citizens of Tanzania.
There is no dispute that Zitto is a formidable politician, he is effective in addressing and dealing with the menaces of the political creed. He carries with him some potential to tackle the most intriguing challenges of our time. His success for example in the previous #TegetaEscrow scandle was not by virtual of himself alone rather by the input and contribution from PAC team, members of opposition including Chadema and the support from some of the CCM MPs who have realized that change is inevitable and have accepted to adapt to the direction of the wind. His contribution in politics is still important but in my view it will be much more pronounceable within the confines of Chadema, his political birthplace. Many Tanzanians who want change have cultivated their trust on Chadema not only because Zitto was in there but the sum total of all youthful and promising cadres and the consistent message of change. Politicians have to learn to live with their differences. Starting a new political party is not a panacea to addressing differences of individual party members as the law of divergence tells that humans are different, that there aren’t two humans who perfectly resemble in everything. To me that is Political Entrepreneurship and not health for our young democracy. We expected Chadema to exercise maturity in accommodating each other and especially in addressing those issues Zitto and the rest are complaining about, we too expected Zitto to weigh his ambitions at this material time and exercise wisdom of timing and exploit the advantages of the LAW OF CONCENTRATION.

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