Some important questions for those vying for presidency in Tanzania

September 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

There are few Tanzanian colleagues who have revealed their intentions to vie for the topmost post in the country, Presidency. It is an inalienable right for any citizen who has attained the minimum age allowed in the provisions of our constitution to vie, aspire or seek leadership at any level of governance of this country including the Presidency. Though the ‘haves’ played some gymnastics meant to curtail the right of individuals to independently seek for leadership save through associations (aka political parties), every citizen through such associations or even independently has right to seek leadership.
There have been so far several debates about individuals who have directly or indirectly shown interest to vie for the post. Some friends have insisted we debate issues and not people. However, it is difficult to separate issues from people as our elders said in the past, issues are a result of people not trees. So it is important to assess the intentions of those who aspire to become leaders of this country by interrogating their purposes, their track records in general and at times when they were exposed to leadership, and more crucially their stand on key national issues. What are their alternative policies on areas we have seem to stagnate.
We still believe that to develop as a country we need the following:
– People (with sound education imbuing them with life or professional skills)

– Good policies (Which allows everybody to equally and fairly participate in issues of the nation)

– Good governance/leadership (with efficient and effective delivery of services while zero tolerance on corruption)

– Land and waters (which has natural resources sustainably exploited for the benefit of all citizens)
Since independence our traditional enemies believed to prevent us from developing have remained to be:
– Diseases (preventable and treatable)

– Poverty (abject poverty in a real sense)

– and Ignorance – we have measured ignorance by the level of literacy (the quality of education is going down. There are more illiterate persons now for every shilling spent on education; we have more illiterate adults than in 80s when we had a world record of achievement in literacy).
In all of the things I have mentioned Tanzania will never register equitable economic breakthrough unless we get leaders who are ready to pay some individual price for the sake of the nation and commit their hearts and minds to resolving all our entanglements. They are ready to take some extra mile for the second liberation of our country. They are not many in our midst, how shall we identify them?
Amongst key questions we would like our fellow citizens who aspire for presidency to respond wholeheartedly and truthfully to are these three. (I will add more and more as they come in and post them in the social networks)
1. So you want to be the next President of Tanzania, ‘What is it motivating you really?’

2. So you want to be the next President of Tanzania, ‘Our economy is growing at 7% averagely yet abject poverty is rampant amongst the majority, what is it going wrong? How do you intend to fix it?’

3. So you want to be the next President of Tanzania, ‘The recent constitution re-writing process clearly seem to put Tanzanians into different polarities for the first time since independence, what do you intend to do to restore unity?’


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