‘Dar’s Rwandan guests, FDLR and plots against a country’: A column written to mud-sling Tanzania

January 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here are my views on the column posted by Joseph Rwagatare in the http://www.newtimes.co.rw/news/index.php?i=15616&a=74076, purporting that President Kikwete is plotting against Rwanda.

This article has no any material facts. It is an insinuation bent to mud-sling Tanzania. The writer seem to have poor reasoning and he is writing to satisfy his hunger of bitterness. Tanzania has no intention to support any kind of aggression against Rwandans. We all know that President Kagame and his sympathizers were irked by our acceptence to contribute to the UN Mission to restore peace in DRC.

M23 is fully supported by Kagame who is using it to plunder DRC resources and to perpetuate instability in the neighboring country. But remember Tanzania did not sent our forces on a private mission rather we responded to the international call. Our forces are operating in Rwanda within the confines of international law. We responded on the moral call, we support peace in DRC, we are tired of constant surge of violence, displacement, human rights abuse against especially helpless and vulnerable women and children.

Rwanda should stop meddling in DRC affairs, stop using M23 to destabilize its neighbour and stop stealing DRC natural resources. It is inconceivable that Tanzania wants to cause trouble in Rwanda. Any effort or action done by Tanzania is for the good and stability of Rwanda. The earlier Rwanda understands this the better.

Joseph Rwagatare should also remember Tanzania is a sovereign state and free to invite any person within its boarders. Tanzania shall not seek permission from Rwanda as to whether we should allow so and so to come to our country. Tanzania does not share any stake in Rwanda politics only that we are always delighted to see stable states around us. It is upon Rwanda to seek a lasting solution to its problems and it has some choices to make. Each choice has some price and consequences too. But as I have said our joy is to see stability in all our strategic neighbours and we are happy to contribute towards that not the other way round.


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