You Need to Understand your Niche to have a Breakthrough

January 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Every person has her/his niche. I call it a space. Nobody is denied of such space where he/she can exert unique strengths and talents. It doesn’t depend on the situation, circumstances or education. It is a unique chance to exercise your judgement and do things which can’t be copied by others, it is only you who have the opportunity to do it ‘that way’. If you can’t do it nobody else can do it, not your parents, your colleagues, your boss etc. This is a golden chance which most people miss and some go to their tombs without exercising this unique potential which would otherwise change their destiny forever.

You can be given all policies, rules, processes and guidelines to perform a certain task but yet you have this space to add a unique flavor to your performance to an extent that even your boss admits that yes, all other guys do equally very well but yours has some unique characteristics. It is only you who can do it that way. This unique space for you to do things differently exists at every facets of your life be it at home, work places, in politics, in faith matters, in academic matters, in your social life etc. Can we take time, to sit back today evening and challenge ourselves to exactly understand what is our niche. Repeat this everyday in the morning before you jump on any piece of work and also later in the evening to take stock of whether and how you utilized this space. This simple act can bring change in your life you have never thought of. There is nothing bad in trying! #ChangeTanzania


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