There will be no change without a conflict, difficulties or painful options!

July 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

Without conflict we will never develop! Sometime conflict can be so odd and painful but it is a process. It is natural that there is no gain without pain. Imagine the process of eliminating sin in the world (for those who understand Christian theology), Jesus had to die a painful and agonizing death on Calvary. To redeem Israelites from the land of captivity and horrible slavery it took all lives of the first born of Egypt, it took them to cross the red sea, it took them 40 years to traverse the most arduous journey in history of human kind. It is actually said all the elderlies who left Egypt, in exception of two, died in the wilderness. It is only Joshua and Caleb who made it from Egypt to Canaan the rest were born in the wilderness.

It took Moses 40 years to know who he was, another 40 years to know he wasn’t anybody and his final 40 years to know what God can do with a nobody.

We embrace history, and history is known to sometime repeat. It took Mandela 27 years behind bars to disentangle apartheid. There is a cost for everything and it is directly proportional to the quality of things we want in life. If you want a quality thing be ready to pay something extra. We talk of change in Tanzania, hey, it is brilliant, it is a good thing. Let us all be ready to pay the price of change. When Jesus was on earth with His disciples he once told them, ‘do not think I’ve come to the world to bring peace, no, I have come to bring war, to bring enmity between a son/daughter and his/her father, those who love me shall be hated, you do not belong to this world, this world shall hate you!’ and many more things!

If we love good things it means we hate bad things. If we love good governance it means we hate corruption, nepotism and favoritism and the likes. It is unfortunate those who uphold integrity become like an island. They are nicknamed and slandered by the majority who love to do evil and shortcuts.

We need to identify ourselves who we are, why are we here, and do we want to mean anything to the world? Are we ready to take some steps for the good or for the bad. Can we be a source of inspiration to our neighbors and colleagues or always discordant, unproductive, careless and complacent?


§ One Response to There will be no change without a conflict, difficulties or painful options!

  • kweka says:

    I agree,conflict is a characteristic of human existence and an harbinger of change. But again violent conflict is disastrous and an enti-thesis of development. Scholars have written about the economic importance of peace. Marxian school of thought advances a notion of revolutionary violence as a vehicle though which change is hatched. Therefore,conflict is good as long as it does not turn violent and disastrous.

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