Are conflicts all that bad? Should we avoid them at any cost? No!

December 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Are conflicts all that bad? Should we avoid them at any cost? The answer is no! Conflicts are important in building and shaping institutions. They are constructive means to bringing radical change which in an otherwise normal, complacent and comfortable zone change won’t happen. Even the best ideas comes in after a struggle of other ideas. Best people come up after some kind of competition. If not how would you recognize them?

So institutions be it political or non-political should nurture environments which promote conflicts amongst its people and departments. Conflicts within Individuals, clans, tribes, regions, countries etc. are necessary to such steer entities to the next level. That which emerges after a conflict is proved and tested and can endure the rest of unwelcome weathers. The best quality of gold can’t be achieved unless it has gone through purification processes including burning it. For religious people faith has to be tested to prove it is strong. For us to breakthrough we must go through trial times and uncertainties. We have to venture into the unknowns, we have to lose at some occasions, we may have to fall out with friends we thought they will never desert us. We have to make tough choices and forgo some of the things we cherished most.

How do we reconcile this? The reality is that you will never have time in your life where you will be at peace not only with other people but even with yourself. The battle field is within yourself. Perhaps you have to accept this fact if you’ve never thought about it before. It will change your life and the way you look at things. When people hate you that is it, that is the right thing happening. When people around you do not agree with your point of view that is it, get even more ideas to gauge the divergence.

We need to understand this given for us to be in control and manage the conflicts to avoid escalations, if we are not we will end up suffering the consequences of these conflicts. We will be messed up and it will be a nightmare to recollect. Assume the worst to get the best do not do vice versa because in life there are always two opposing sides even within yourself. When things are done try to make peace with yourself first and then with people around you. Reconciliation fails in many blood conflicts because we tend to reconcile with the outside people rather than ourselves first. The biggest enemy of an individual is her/himself. If you have never concurred self never ever think you will concur anybody even the weak of your weakest enemies. Do not think you will ever change anybody if you cannot change yourself.


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