What are people really disappointed with?

September 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

My attention was caught up by this article online:  http://www.dailynews.co.tz/index.php/columnists/columnists/amby-lusekelo/10009-what-are-people-really-disappointed-with by Amby Lusekelo, and I thought I have something to say.

There are many answers to this question one basic is that those in power have failed to match peoples’ expectations. Expectations are set in peoples’ minds either by the reality presented to them or by their leaders. For good reasons or sometime just out of selfishness leaders make promises they know they can’t fulfill them. This creates high expectations among the people who get frustrated when these promises turn into empty noisy tins. You can’t deceive all people all the time, leaders need to change the approach and incline to telling the truth of what is possible and what is not. Mwalimu Nyerere once said Tanzanians know that a miracle won’t be wrought overnight to change their lives, but competitive politics are offering no alternative to us except competing on issuing promises they all know can’t fulfill.

The second reason is that both leaders and those being lead can’t work out to resolve even problems which can be resolved by means within their reach. We are all responsible for most of the economic, social and political problems. We are allowing our firm foundation under which this country (Tanzania) was formed to be tempered. We are not exercising due diligence in protecting our natural resources to benefit us and the next generations. We have allowed religious division to creep in, it is now common for political leaders to use pulpits and funerals as political platforms to propagate their personal political interests. Pulpits were regarded to be holy places and stages to unit believers with their Most High, but it is common now for even religious leaders to utter political sentiments on pretext of their responsibility to rebuke. To me this is gross error and will plunge our country is a social menace we have never witnessed in history.

There is a hunger to have law abiding citizens, we have witness scale acts of moral degradation we have never seen before. Few seem to care about orderly life anymore. You will see this in the streets, major highways and at household level. We are almost being governed by the law of jungle, survival of the fittest! The institutions vested to safeguard the principles seem to be engulfed in internal problems and also equally victims of the same. This is confirmed by what the wise say, the institutions we have are our own products they can’t be different from what we are. Who will save this country? The disappointment seems to come from many fronts. The solution can’t be brought by politicians only, it needs everybody to play his/her part.


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