Hotuba ya kuamsha Watanzania kutoka kwa Mbunge

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Give 5 minutes to listen to this speech.

”We can’t solve problems by using the same level of thinking we used when we created them.”

”Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Haya ni maneno aliyosema mwanasayansi wa karne ya 20 Albert Einstein. Mbunge kayatumia vizuri sana.

Goal line technology will it deprive the beauty of the game?

July 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Yes, I am skeptical with goal line technology. In football there are so many human errors of omission or commission which referees make. For example decision on penalties when a player commits an offense in the penalty box, many decisions have been very controversial and a source of complaints to players and fans, however making interesting game stories. Which technology will eliminate such errors? Diego Maradona at the world cup final Argentina v England, played on 22 June 1986,  he scored perhaps the most controversial goal in football history, the goal infamously known as the ‘hand of God’ was instrumental in denying England a chance, which technology could eliminate that?

Such errors are part of the game, actually making it even more interesting and unique. This is sport, it is a game. The seriousness is within the game and errors makes it even more of a game. Putting technology in football takes out flavour of the after game stories. Let us accept the fact that errors are part of it and they make the game a real game and romantic. Come on guys!

Who abducted and tortured Dr. Ulimboka?

July 5, 2012 § 4 Comments

After listening to Dr Deo who was with Dr. Ulimboka just before he was abducted it is bringing us closer to knowing who is behind this. President Kikwete, on his monthly speech on 1st July, which was also released in the internet a day before, affirmed that government would have no intention to harm Dr. Ulimboka. Reading between lines the president was also cautious not to admit that the government is involved, but he also said if any government agent did that, he did so on his own reason, the government did not direct anyone to abduct and torture Dr. Ulimboka. I truly trust the President and in my view it is inconceivable to think that he can involve himself in doing such a terrible thing to any of his citizens. If Dr Ulimboka was in any case a threat to the nation, there are other hundred of legal and transparent ways of dealing with him and government as credible institution wouldn’t hesitate to use any of these methods to deal with him. However, the Government is a big and deep institution and there are multiple systems and subsystems organically making the government to function. And in there are individuals whom sometime for their own reasons develop personal vested interests. When personal interests are elevated over public interests at times an individual or group of individuals tend to use their positions, opportunities and space to perpetrate personal goals.

From the interview conducted by Clouds FM yesterday (5th July 2012) on its popular morning show, Dr Deo was heard saying that immediately after Dr. Ulimboka was taken by ‘skilled men’ a number of police patrol cars popularly known as ‘Defenders’ were moving around the scene to sort of frustrate/prevent anyone who would want to follow the abductors. The guy who was talking to both Dr. Ulimboka and Dr. Deo few minutes prior to abduction is somebody familiar to both of them, Dr. Deo said the same person was involved in a series of negotiations in March 2012 when Drs. were on strike. On a separate occasion the barman had whispered to Dr. Deo that he sniffed suspicious moves by this guy, he (the barman) told him that during their conversations he has seen this guy severally making suspicious calls in the toilet.

The question hovering in my mind is that if at all those involved in abducting and brutalizing Dr. Ulimboka are security agents who acted on their own accord and motive, why would they want to do so? Our security organs and staff are trained to observe the highest degree of discipline within their ranks and commanding structure, what would that mean as far as discipline of our uniform and non-uniform men and women is concerned? Yes we have seen incidences of security staff leaving their stations going out to commit crimes. In many cases the crimes we have seen so far committed by security staff includes acts of revenge, lending their expertise to banditry, indiscriminately violent actions in streets like using excessive force to quell some public unrest etc. Possibility for Secret service individuals taking law into their own hands is quite debatable version especially when you try to link this to the Doctors crisis.

Who will the public trust to carry on investigation? As per media, Doctors community and public in general it wouldn’t be wise to leave this investigation to the police force only. A much more independent inquiry team is required.

The recent barbaric treatment to Dr. Ulimboka has created timid in the society. Doctors for example are living in fear and those who would want to use this democratic approach to air out their sentiments against the government are apprehensive. To therefore clear this and restore citizens’ confidence to the internal security organs,  leaders have to exercise their wisdom and allow an independent inquiry to look into who was involved and why.  Short of that the government will set a questionable precedence and terror will start creeping amongst the citizens.

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