Goal line technology will it deprive the beauty of the game?

July 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

Yes, I am skeptical with goal line technology. In football there are so many human errors of omission or commission which referees make. For example decision on penalties when a player commits an offense in the penalty box, many decisions have been very controversial and a source of complaints to players and fans, however making interesting game stories. Which technology will eliminate such errors? Diego Maradona at the world cup final Argentina v England, played on 22 June 1986,  he scored perhaps the most controversial goal in football history, the goal infamously known as the ‘hand of God’ was instrumental in denying England a chance, which technology could eliminate that?

Such errors are part of the game, actually making it even more interesting and unique. This is sport, it is a game. The seriousness is within the game and errors makes it even more of a game. Putting technology in football takes out flavour of the after game stories. Let us accept the fact that errors are part of it and they make the game a real game and romantic. Come on guys!


§ One Response to Goal line technology will it deprive the beauty of the game?

  • You are damn right! How will goal line technology be applied in my village when Nyeibingo parish is playing Garubunda parish. Imbalances in benchmarks /standards governing soccer will bury football—it’s a global game–played the same in all situations and circumstances–whether at the Stadium of Light, Millennium stadium (Wembley), Kiev stadium or my local Mutaturwa stadium in Nyeibingo Kebisoni Rukungiri- Uganda: Or whether it played with boots on or barefoot –it is football-period!

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