Sorry for Dr Ulimboka and wish him quick recovery

June 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dr Ulimboka, Pole sana.

Read this morning from Hon Zito Kabwe’s blog about the hijack and torture you went through last night. I offer my fervent prayer to the Most High to heal you and help you to recover as quickly as possible. It is really sad news to all peace-loving citizens. Most of us have never come across you, we have known you through media, but yet we condemn to the strongest possible terms those who perpetrated such barbaric actions. We might have different views on the current move by Doctors to go on with their industrial action but we trusted that those who holds a stake in this country will employ legal and peaceful measures to resolve the stalemate. That parties (Doctors and the government) would use their wisdom and resources the country has entrusted them to, to hasten and conclude negotiations to reverse the already worsening situation in health sector. Whether it is coincidental perpetration of a crime or a purposeful action carried out by individuals who had an intention to use harm to influence the current Doctors’ situation we wouldn’t know as of yet.

Yet whatever the case, this is really episodic! We are heading in weird direction. May God help Tanzania! I beg this is not among the propagandistic heinous machinations devised by the corrupt agents to intimidate people and temporarily create a situation of panic and indeterminacy. This will not solve Doctors problems, it will rather make them even more complicated. Please be strong and hold on, the Almighty God we all worship has intervened and he will make the crooked ways straight once again He will vindicate and judge each one of us rightly.


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