Lines and tips on Defensive Driving

May 25, 2012 § 4 Comments

@mmwenda @MariaSTsehai Kwa kutambua tatizo la ajali barabarani naanzisha tagline ya

#DefensiveDrivingSkills ntapost tips kila ntavoweza

#DefensiveDrivingSkills I received free, will share tips free. 1. Always keep 3 seconds distance from the car in front of you. Practice this

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills Car accidents are attributed to mainly two reasons 1.Human error and 2.Other factors. 99.99% are due to human errors

 Endeshe kwa kujihami zaidi. usimwamini dereva mwenzako, mfikirie ka anaweza kukusababishia ajali, kaa naye tahadhali


#DefensiveDrivingSkills 2.If you are 60Kg driving at speed of 80km/h your body carries a momentum of 4800kg.m/s (~5tons) watch the speed!

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 3. When driving you are constantly required to 1. Observe 2. Anticipate 3. Proactively take action.

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 4. When driving ensure at all times you have space and time to do any of the following: 1. Taking action 2. Escaping

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 5.Use your sidemirrors every few seconds and watch that always have a space to take action in case situation demands

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 6. To stop: see the hazard, think, decide, move ur leg to the pedal, press it, decelerate, stop.U need time n’ space

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 7.Avoid distraction when driving. Engine on phone off. keep observing, anticipating and taking proactive actions

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 8. Before you jump into your car, go round it, check tires, etc. This simple act can help a lot!

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 9. A good driver should also be good at parking his/her car. You can get an accident even when you at 0km/hr!

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 10. The rule twip No 3 applies even when parking your car i.e. Observe, Anticipate, proactively take action.


#DefensiveDrivingSkills 11. Engine on seat belts on! At all-time ensure all your passengers have their safety belts on.

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills 12. Modern cars are equipped with ABS (Antilock Break System) when you brake it helps to reduce stopping distance!


#DefensiveDrivingSkills So driving defensively is natural, fancy and sexy, you always love doing whenever you are on the wheel! Baadaye eh!

 Dominic Mosha ‏@dommy80

#DefensiveDrivingSkills take rest when tired of a long drive, fatigue kills @Kadulyu @MariaSTsehai

 #DefensiveDrivingSkills alcohol may elevate your pride and ego thus leads to recklessness avoid it when driving @Kadulyu @MariaSTsehai

 Cap and Kudler ‏@capandkudler

RT Kadulyu: #DefensiveDrivingSkills 9. A good driver should also be good at parking his/her car. You can get an accident even when you at…


§ 4 Responses to Lines and tips on Defensive Driving

  • Very good tips another mine is: Avoid traveling in the “blind spot” of another vehicle. A good rule of thumb to remember when overtaking or following other traffic is ‘if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you!’

    • kadulyu says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Yes, you are right. I tell drivers, when driving we at all time need to remember 3 things: 1.Concentration 2.Concentration 3.Concentration, when we do that we are bound to keep all the defensive driving tips and driving becomes enjoyable and safe.

      Thank you very much for your comments.


  • ketty jones says:

    Driving training practices cover a vast area of techniques and methods of safe driving. It is very important to make sure safety before starting driving practices that you have taken proper driving lessons from a good driving school.

    • kadulyu says:

      Yes Ketty, You are absolutely right. The challenge we have here is that people haven’t yet appreciated the importance of acquiring the defensive skills. Many think once they have the driving competence that is more than enough. We witness almost on daily basis accidents that could be largely prevented through soft skills. We have not despaired we will continue pushing until the message gets home.

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